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Bihar Board English Subject Class 12th Questions : बिहार बोर्ड इंटर अंग्रेजी सब्जेक्टिव प्रश्न

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English subjective question

1. what is civilization in the real sense of the term ?

Ans – civilization is a real sense of terms, consist note in multiplication what in the deliberate and voluntary restrication on wants .this alone increases and the promote containment and real happiness and capacity for service.

Bihar Board English Subject Class 12th Questions

2. what is Zakir Hussain over well made.?

Ans_ after taking the oath has President of India in 1967, Dr Zakir Hussain in his speech, please himself to the service of the totally of India culture world delivery aging his speech ,
daw jaakir Husain became very much over helmet.he say that he is fraud of being a citizen of Bharat India he further said that it is the greatness of the people that they have Susan him to make him head the family. he express his National feeling by saying that he loves he loves his nation.he also plays to work for the developedment of ancient culture he had always inspired us in the past form and promises to work for the Student of the nation .

3. in what dress did the author go to the minister along with the nanu Kaka ?

Ans_ the author had gone to the minister,a long with his maternal uncle nanu Kaka by putting on Jodhpur court on his body and an orange turban over his head. he had put on this dresses on the instruction of nanu Kaka.

4. what does Martin Luther say about the life of negros?

Ans_ Martin Luther King express his Agni telling that the life of negros is not peaceful ratherful torture. they are living the life of heart shape and is leading the lips of slave. they are not enjoying a free life and a steel hopping for emancipation.there condition is pitable why discrimination and restricting their freedom and force to life of the life of a depoted person.

Class 12th Bihar Board English Subject Question

Bihar Board English Subject Question

5. what are the dramatic structure of the tragedy,?

Ans_ in a drama there are some different part of the plot. they are generally call dramatic structure. they are they are of a tragedy and of a comedy. the dramatic structure of a tragedy are mainly known as_
1. exposition (initial incident )
2. complicational (rising action )
3. crisis turning( points )
4.Denuuement( falling action)
5. catastrophe (digestrous rain)
6. why and how did the snake come out of the hole?

Ans_ the snake had come out of the whole near a carobtree, the night. the night was too hot and the snake was thirsty. has such the snake went to the water trouph.airport hij moth open the bottom of the throw to drink water and sweet dreams slowly the water with his straight mouth.

7. why is macavity called a criminal?.

Ans_ maccavity violet the law and the include in activity of criminal nature. 8 age most most clever and is never found after communicating wrong and leave the place immediately.

8. why did our and cester Dissuade us from luxurious and pleasure? .

Ans_ our ancestors observe that a man is not necessary happy because he is reach or a man who is poor is unhappy. the rich are obtained sent to be unhappy and the poor to be happy. observing all this our ancestors dissuaded us from luxurious and pleasure. they were perfectly in right in their observance and the action

Bihar Board English Subject Class 12th Questions

9. how did Sawai father react to the teacher complain?

Ans_ sevai father reacted to the teacher complain when he neuse why fault which was reported by sebei teacher. he became angry at this matter. has shown hai ji heard he grab his son why the collar and gave him a sound beating. he childdade hey Justin that he old never get anywhere in the world, the away he is carrying on.

10. what was the great lesson that India had to teach the west?

Ans_ Dr Zakir Hussain called India. the young state of an ancient people. it is so because our past is not dead and is a live and dynamic our ancient culture is a live and we can make our future on the basis of our ancient people blessing.

11. what was the great lesson that India had to teach the west?

Ans_ the great lesson that India had to teach the waste was humanity it is our culture and the traditional as well.

12. in the poem an epita what will happen when the poet does?

Ans_ when the poet will die no body will remember the beautiful lady of the waste country.

Inter Bihar Board English Subject Questions

13. why is my committee term a criminal?

Ans_. when the poet will die nobody will remember the beautiful lady of the waste country.

14. why was the speaker in my grandmother house fraud of living in that house?.

Ans_ the speaker was prod of living in that house because in the house she deceived love for a long time. 4 love se move what she got it in her old house.

15. what did the firehyman say to the speaker?

Ans_. the fire Hemant said to him the speaker that he had for given him and now it has taken to overlope and madam him this time for the same a committed.

16. what are the future of novel?

Ans_ the difference between novel and a story is has follow_
1. novel is large but a stories short
2. novel are best on imagination ya imaginary event. where as a story are related to the reality of life.
3. novel are costly. on the other hand a story book are much cheaper.
4. it much time to read a novel and a story take a little time to go through it.

Bihar Board English Question

17. why are the Indian quick learner of English?

Ans_ the Indian are quick learner of English language because we belong to the same Indo European India we are greatly dependent on English for official social and commercial purpose. globalisation has further trengtened the requirement of learning and using English for everyday activities in our life.

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