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Inter English Subject Questions : बिहार बोर्ड इंटर अंग्रेजी सब्जेक्टिव प्रश्न Inter Exam 2023

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Inter English Subject Questions : बिहार बोर्ड इंटर अंग्रेजी सब्जेक्टिव प्रश्न Inter Exam 2023

1. How, according to C.E.M. Jord, is modern civilization different from old ones ?

1Ans ‘Our Own Civilization‘ is written by C.E.M. Jord. This is a narrative passage in which the author discuss what science has gifted to US and how are we affected by the improvement of science.

today everything around us is science and work with the help of machines. The heaters, razors, sewing machines, newspapers, telegraph, telephone, clocks, train, bus, lifts, escalators are based on complex machine. All we have to do is to attach in the appliances, switch it on and machines to the rest. These machine makes life easier and more comfortable. We defence on science for our amusements, travelling and for doing our works.

Inter English Subject Questions For 2023

QThese machines are good servants but we have made them small childrens, i.e., the rest to work if they do not get petrol, water and rest. We have to work attentively to keep them in right temper. So, they are likely to soon become our masters. Has the presence of all these source of luxury made us lazy. The fact is that man is the most energetic and restless of all living creature. He invents because these works bore him. In this way he can save time and energy for those work he really wants to do.

Science has several positive effects on our society. It has improve the order and safety of the people. Whenever there is any dispute between some people, they seek the help of law. The law decides as fairly as possible to settle matters between us. Thus is disputes between man and man rights has taken the place of might.

The low protect us from robbery and violence. Old civilization block because of violence. Secondly, it has reduced the fair of pain. By the use of anaesthetics and medicines we do not even feel the pain of deep injuries. By the help of science the man and the woman not only enjoy better help but live longer than ever before. Our civilization is more secure than any foregone one.

Inter English Subject Questions For 2023

Previous civilization where specialized and limited and were like oasis in a surrounding desert of savegery. Modern civilization is, far-flung and is compared with the oasis which is spreading over the deserts over Asia, Africa, Europe, American, Australia and even Antarctica.

Earlier civilization were like separte boxes but now the world can be compared to a single enormous box where different civilizations have met. The world has become a unity due to science. When we go to a market we buy many things that come from different places. In fat the world is becoming a single place form far shut-down boxes.

Bihar board Inter English Subject Questions Bihar board

2. Candidate must enter the set code of his/her question paper in the space provided on the cover page of his/her answer-book many not be evaluated.

2Ans We should be careful about our speech while conversing with orders.
We should try to follow some principles in this regard. In our general conversation if the company is large, we should take only fair share of it and allowed to speak. If we are only two, each one of us should share it equally.
It is quite tiring to go on listening so when one has already spoken a little, one should keep quite and allow the orders to speak. If he does not respond, it means he does not like the conversation to continue.

3. Why was letter-writing done more meticulously in the past ?

3Ans Letter-writing was done more carefully in the past because in those days people had more leisure time for such work and postage was much more expensive than it is today. Actually they were not in a hurry.

4. why is the author-Stephen Leacock not pleased with the photographer ?

4Ans – Stephen Leacock in his essay. “With the photo grapher” describe quite humorously how a photographer at and reacts when a customer enters into his studio. He looks like a stoic. He act mechanically. He move from the author to his camera several times. He instructs the author sometimes, to open his mouth; to drop his ears sometimes to ro his eyes.

Bihar board Inter English Subject Questions Board Exam

He irritates the author and when the author become angry, the photographer take his photograph. When the authors of the photograph he was surprised to find that he was a completely changed man. He left the photograph to him in disqust.
In fact, the author presents of funny picture of the photographer.

5. What was the purpose of the photograph wasted ?

5Ans – The author told the photographer that the photograph that had been taken was worthless. So, he refused to take it and suggested him to keep with him. So, the photographer’s purpose was wasted.

6. How should men spend his time and energy ?

6Ans – Kindness and sympathy that produce good manners. Unless we have love and affection for others, we cannot be good mannered. Our manners reflect our attitude. It will make us humble. And we need the help of from others.

 Subject Questions For 2023 Inter English


7. Why do some people have difficulty in writing letters ?

7Ans – Some people have no power of self expression. People face difficulties. They are unable to find right right and concrete words for expression their ideas and feelings. They are ignorant of the art of letter writing.

Subject Questions Inter English For 2023 Exam

8. What is civilization in the real sense of the term ?

8Ans – Civilization in real sense of term, consist not in multiplication but in the deliberate and voluntary restriction on wants. This alone increases and promotes contentment and real happiness and capacity for service.

9. Why is Zakir Hussain overwhelmed ?

9Ans – After taking the oath as President of India in 1967, Dr. Zakir Hussain in his speech, pledges himself to the service of the totality of India’s culture. While deliverising his spech, Dr . Zakir Hussain becomes very much further says that it is the greatness of the people that they have chosen him to make him head of the family. He expresses his national feelings by saying that he love his nation. He also pladges to work for the development of our ancient culture, which had always inspired us in the past and promises to work for the strength of the nation

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